Welcome to Ark Kings Academy

At Ark Kings Academy we aim to ensure that through the years your child is with us they are well prepared academically and socially for further and higher education and the career of their choice.

This is a community school serving its local community – a school that meets the needs of each of its students and has the highest expectations of each and every one of them to do well. We are in the business of transforming the life chances of every student who comes to this school.

We unashamedly focus on academic excellence and focus on every child achieving highly in subjects that will serve them well beyond school and into the next stage of their education and into their careers.

We give every student at least one hour of English teaching and one hour of mathematics teaching every day. For those that are struggling with these key subjects we will give extra time if needed to ensure they are able to catch up and keep up.

Key to your child doing well at school is how teachers, parents and students work together. We keep parents regularly informed of how their child is doing in each of their subjects, their behaviour and attitudes to learning and their punctuality and attendance.

We ask parents to commit to our home-school agreement so that they know what we expect of their child. By working in partnership we can jointly ensure that each child makes progress every day allowing them to excel academically and develop into well rounded individuals who contribute positively to our society.

We will do all we can to ensure every child continually improves on their previous best and that we maintain the highest expectations of what they can be and what they can achieve.

If you would like to know more about what we are doing at Ark Kings please get in touch to arrange a visit to see us in action.