Code of conduct

ARK Kings Academy code of conduct is displayed in all Form Classes around the school, so pupils always know what is expected of them.

  1. Arrive on time for the start of each school day and each lesson.
  2. Wear the full school uniform appropriately.
  3. Bring the correct equipment to each lesson.
  4. Sit in the seat in where your teacher asks you to, outlined in the class seating plan.
  5. Engage positively in each lesson and activity.
  6. Complete your homework on time and to the standard expected.;
  7. Be polite and respectful to each other.
  8. Move around the school site calmly, safely and quietly and walk on the left.
  9. Mobile phones are not seen or heard in the academy building at any time.
  10. Do your best at all times.


What we recognise and celebrate formally

Effective praise specifies the particulars of the achievement and is given in recognition of noteworthy effort or success. Each term we will formally recognise students through the end of term assembly in the following areas: 

  • Academic excellence (high standards) 
  • Progress made (improvement) 
  • Performance related achievement (sport, music, drama, art) 
  • Exceptional contribution to the academy (going above and beyond)
  • Consistency (following academy expectations every day)
  • Leadership (taking responsibility and initiative) 
  • Full attendance

Download our full code of conduct