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Curriculum Overview

Ark Kings provides a curriculum that helps prepare students for further and higher education and that allows students to enter into a career of their own choice. To allow this, our curriculum is shaped by the outcomes we aspire to for every student.  These are:

  • achievement in high value qualifications
  • outstanding character and attitudes to learning
  • employability skills that count.

The curriculum at Ark Kings reflects the Ark curriculum model with particular reference to:

  • excellent teaching with a focus on mastery
  • more time for learning
  • depth before breadth

Key Features of the Ark Kings Curriculum 

ARK Kings Academy places special importance on the following apsects of our curriculum:

  • developing student mastery of skills, knowledge and understanding through subjects
  • at least 1 hour of English and 1 hour of mathematics every day for every student
  • weekly literacy teaching of at least 2 hours for all students in years 7, 8 and 9
  • the vast majority of subjects taught in years 7, 8 and 9 have at least two hours per week
  • each GCSE subject in years 10 and 11 having at least three hours per week
  • mandatory RE for all students in all years with a minimum of one hour of teaching per week.

Preparing students for future success  

At ARK Kings Academy recognises we take seriously our reponsibility to prepare our students well for later life. The work our students put in during Years 7, 8 and 9 will provide a secure foundation for achievement at GCSE in Years 10 and 11.

We also recognise that in a fast-changing world our students will need to have a range of skills in order to respond with flexibility to new opportunities and challenges throughout their career. For this reason we avoid early student choice of subjects. This ensures our students have a wide range of options for post-16 education, training or employment.  

Students make choices over which subjects they will specialise in towards the end of Year 9. Most students will choose to study for GCSEs, with courses beginning at the start of Year 10. Exceptionally able students will be supported to study for GCSE qualifications at an earlier stage than their fellow students.

ARK Kings Academy does not currently deliver any post-16 qualifications. We will be opening a Sixth Form in September 2017. Every student is supported to choose the next step in their career that is right for them, whether that is college, training or employment. 

For further information about the curriculum at ARK Kings Academy please contact or call 0121 459 4451