Key Stage 4: Years 10 - 11

Our primary focus at Key Stage 4 is to ensure students study a challenging and valuable GCSE curriculum which prepares them well for A Level study and attending the university of their choice. Students will be exposed to a more grown up, sophisticated study of each of their chosen GCSE subjects.

Subjects at Key Stage 4 are separated into two categories: Core and Optional.

Core subjects are compulsory and will be studied by all students. Students may study more

than one core subject depending on their pathway. This is largely based on their Key Stage 3 results, but it also affected by their progress through year 10.

Optional subjects have been chosen by students. The majority of students study three optional subjects and some study four. Again, this is largely dependent on their Key Stage 3 results.

Year 10 & Year 11

How many hours of each subject in a week?

Core Curriculum



Number of Hours

English 5
Mathematics 5
Science 6
RE 2
PE (non examined) 2
French 3

In addition students also study a combination of two of the following options subjects

Options Subject

Number of Hours

History 3
Geography 3
Art 3
Music 3
PE 3
Design & Technology 3
Computing 3