Ark Kings is a GOOD school - Ofsted 2016

We are delighted that Ofsted Inspectors have declared that Ark Kings Academy is a GOOD school.  

We are very pleased the academy has been judged ‘good’ in every area and that our overall effectiveness has also been recognised as ‘good’.

  • Effectiveness of leadership and management - Good
  • Quality of teaching, learning and assessment - Good
  • Personal development, behaviour and welfare - Good
  • Outcomes for pupils – Good
  • Overall effectiveness - Good

Inspectors have praised our leadership and management saying that, “The principal, senior leaders and governors share a vision to deliver high-quality teaching and learning for all pupils in the school. They are ambitious and aspirational to provide pupils with the best learning opportunities and experiences.  Changes in leadership since the last inspection have skilfully realigned a knowledgeable, determined and enthusiastic team led by a principal who is totally inclusive and committed to the achievement of the pupils in his care.” 

Inspectors also praised the quality of our teaching and, importantly, the strength of relationships between our staff and students.  “Teachers show strong subject knowledge and enthusiasm.  As a result, pupils are interested and engaged in their learning activities.  Teaching makes a very positive contribution to pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development. This helps pupils to reflect, work well together and listen carefully to the opinions of others.  Teachers establish good working relationships with pupils and they help pupils to overcome any barriers to learning they might have.”

We are particularly proud of the way that our students have been highlighted in the report with inspectors saying that, “Pupils are helpful, polite and courteous to staff, visitors and to each other.  The atmosphere in school is one of tolerance, sharing and learning together.  Pupils conduct themselves well around the school and the atmosphere is calm and orderly, both during and between lessons, and at breaktime and lunchtime.  Pupils’ behaviour and attitudes to learning are good across all years and all subjects. Pupils are punctual to lessons, bring the right equipment with them, settle quickly and approach their work with enthusiasm.”   

This judgement serves to remind us all of the progress made by the academy’s pupils, staff, parents and wider community in support of our mission to be a school where every student will make excellent progress, develop outstanding character and be successful in life, education and employment.

We recognise that there is still much to do in order to achieve our mission and the academy is focussed on taking the steps necessary to become an outstanding school.

You can download the full report here Ark Kings Academy 10020037 Final Inspection Report.pdf