Girls in STEM!

Year 9 girls were invited to The University of Birmingham today to learn more about careers involving science, technology, engineering and maths. We had a very warm welcome with drinks, snacks and even goody bags! The introductory talk was in a fantastic lecture theatre, led by 'Young Engineer of the Year,' Orla Murphy, who talked about her academic background, giving tips on how best to make choices at both GCSE and A Level. She also explained her fantastic career so far with Jaguar Land Rover. Following this, we had a workshop looking at robots and learned how to program them to go where we wanted them to, there were a few mistakes made but everyone learned a lot! We also had a bioscience workshop investigating how to collect information and evidence about different species of bird. We looked at a number of bird skulls to aid our research. Everyone learned something new today and we thoroughly enjoyed our day at the University of Birmingham.