The Pursuit of Excellence

On Friday 26 February, ARK Kings gave a warm welcomed to Great Britain Goalball Paralympian Georgie Bullen. Georgie led an assembly on her life and experiences within sport and business. She shared with pupils how finding a sport that she was good at had allowed her to realise that the barriers that her disability had created could be used to excel in her new found sport. She spoke about her experiences of competing at London 2012 and how proud she is to represent her country. She spoke passionately about how sport has changed her life for the better and that there is a sport for everyone and it is just a matter of finding it.  Georgie told the pupils how she had turned her love of sport, in particular Goalball, into a business where she uses Goalball as a team building exercise and also promotes awareness of visual impairment. She gave the pupils an insight in to her own disability and educated them on the varying degrees of visual impairment and what life was like for her growing up having to learn to live with her disability and how she did not let it get in the way of participating in sports.

Goalball is played blindfolded which really puts the pupils out of their comfort zone and focuses upon them building and improving their teamwork and communication skills.  After the assembly Georgie joined the Paralympic Sports elective for a Goalball tournament. She shared some coaching tips with the pupils and gave them an insight in to how the game is played at elite level. The pupils showed great improvement over the session in their technique and tactical understanding following pointers from Georgie. The Paralympic Sport forms part of our KS3 electives programme.  Through learning about  Paralympic sports our students not only learn new sports but more importantly gain a greater understanding of different disabilities, using the stories of some inspirational individuals and how they have not allow their disability to be a barrier to their aspirations and successes.  A great lesson for us all.