Framing the future

In January the old school building was largely still in place and just a few short months later the site has been excavated and upon firm foundations the steel framing for our fantastic state of the art new accommodation is being established.

This massive steel frame is the very backbone of the future of education at Ark kings and for the wider community which we serve.  In the coming months the new school will be completed and will be furnished and by January 2017 we’ll be fully moved in and staff can hardly wait to see students taking full advantage of the high-spec finishes, the well-designed learning spaces and the top of the range facilities.

The Year 7 students who will join us this September will be the last to begin their secondary school education in our current buildings.  There has been an increase in the number of students who have accepted offers of school places with us for September and we’re really excited to meet our future Year 7 students in taster days and events we have planned throughout the summer term. 

There are still a few places left for Year 7 in September and we’d love as many students as possible to join our family Click here for more details.

As the summer term comes around it means that for Year 11 students that examinations are nearing.  The next few weeks will be critical in setting the tone for the successes our students deserve. 

“My hard work, resilience and positive attitude will pay off.” 

This is a line from our academy pledge and at this time of year it is vitally important that students, especially those in Year 11, bear this in mind.  There is no substitute for hard work; students who prepare well for examinations will perform well in examinations.  Right now it’s the job of the whole Ark Kings family, including parents and carers to help students to be well prepared and maximise their potential for success. 

The growing steel work we see on the new school site will provide a strong framework for our new school, the revision and preparation year 11 students do between now and their exams will provide a strong framework for their future success.