ARK Kings Academy Helps More Students Learn a Musical Instrument

ARK Kings Academy Band Musicianship students Sheima and Louis

With the start of the new term, ARK Kings Academy’s innovative Band Musicianship programme is helping a new group of Year 7s develop their musical talents.

We launched Band Musicianship back in January giving each student in Year 7 and 8 the opportunity to learn singing, guitar (including bass guitar), keyboard and drum-kit before performing at an end of year concert. Band Musicianship proved so successful in its first year that we decided to expand the programme so that it spans Years 7-9.

We developed the programme so that all students can benefit from the skills and confidence that learning a musical instrument provides. We recognised that for some families, the costs typically associated with learning a musical instrument could prevent students from fulfilling their potential. By offering all students free access to musical instruments and tuition, we aim to support every student to achieve their full potential.

The programme has been incorporated into the existing music curriculum and students have the option to take up additional instrumental tuition.

Paul Bull, Head of Music at ARK Kings said, “We developed Band Musicianship at ARK Kings Academy so that every student has the chance to learn a musical instrument, regardless of their family circumstances. Thanks to Band Musicianship, we are seeing students from a wide range of backgrounds take up learning a musical instrument and developing as well-rounded individuals."

Meet Our Newest Band Musicians


ARK Kings Academy Band Musicianship student Sheima with acoustic guitar

Sheima has recently completed four weeks of acoustic guitar tuition and is now learning to sing. Sheima hopes to develop her musical talents as she progresses through school. Her ambition is to learn the drums and make a lot of noise with her very own drum kit!

“I’m finding Band Musicianship really enjoyable. We did music at primary school but it wasn’t like this. With Band Musicianship you get to learn different instruments where as at primary you were stuck with just one or two. My ambition is to learn the drums and make lots of noise on my own drum kit!”


ARK Kings Academy Band Musicianship student Louis with bass guitar

Louis is already a keen musician and his parents paid for him to take guitar lessons at primary school. Louis has recently been learning acoustic guitar but is looking forward to moving onto electric guitar as he has ambitions to form a band with his younger sister and brother, who play keyboard and drums respectively.

“I’ve found Band Musicianship really helpful so far. We had music lessons at my primary school but it was quite expensive, which meant not everyone took part. I want to learn electric guitar because I want to try and form my own band. My sister plays keyboard and my little brother plays drums. They’re younger than me but they’re pretty good! I’m sure that if there was anything new I wanted to do at ARK Kings I’m sure the school would help me to do it.