Year 7 Students Bring the Sounds of France to ARK Kings Academy

ARK Kings Academy French lesson students

This morning at ARK Kings Academy, you could be mistaken for thinking you had been magically transported to a small corner of France as the distinctive sound of conversational French drifted from classroom 2-9.

The reason for this flourishing of Gallic culture in Birmingham? Our new Year 7 pupils were enthusiastically throwing themselves into their first French speaking assessment.

Modern foreign language teacher Miss Marshall evaluated students' learning by engaging each student in a one-on-one conversation in French, using the vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation she had taught them in their first half term at ARK Kings Academy. Each student took it in turns to sit in front of the class and respond to questions Miss Marshall threw at them. Students were evaluated by both their teacher as well as fellow students, who were asked to give each conversation a rating.

Students took the speaking assessment seriously, putting in time both in class at home to practice their French speaking. Hani said, "I got my Auntie, Mum and brothers to test me by asking me questions in French. This helped me and they enjoyed it as well."

As you might expect, some students found speaking French in front of classmates a nerve-wracking experience. Speaking afterwards, Courtney said, "It’s scary when you get up there but when you come down you feel like you’ve achieved something. It’s made me think that I can do French if I try my hardest." As students progress in their education at ARK Kings, we aim to support them so that they feel confident about assessments and see them as an opportunity to improve their learning.

Year 7 pupils will continue to be assessed over the coming year. As well as speaking assessments, students will also be tested on their listening and writing skills. Even though it is still some way off, our students are already talking excitedly about putting their language skills to good use when Year 7 and 8 students go on our ever-popular two day trip to France.