ARK Kings Pupils Get Ready for First Enrichment Day of the New Year

Collage of enrichment day activities at ARK Kings Academy

Fresh from the half term break, our students are now looking forward to a special enrichment day this Friday which will help them develop character and skills through experiences beyond the classroom.

Tomorrow, we will suspend our normal school timetable. Instead, pupils across Years 7 to 11 will have the chance to take part in a varied and exciting range of activities that will challenge them help them to develop as well-rounded individuals. Planned activities include

  • Developing creativity through steel pan and Indian drumming¬†
  • Raft building at Edgbaston Reservoir, which will be a test of teamwork and nerves!
  • Developing creativity and leadership qualities through a creative workshop delivered by the Beatfreeks social enterprise
  • Finding your way around Sutton Park by using a compass and map skills Orienteering competition, Sutton Park (personal challenge
  • Building fintness and resilience at a fitness bootcamp Fitness bootcamp
  • Learning to cook tasty and healthy food.

The day forms part of our year-round commitment to enrichment. We hold 5 enrichments days each year plus run after-school clubs every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Through enrichment, we aim to support student development and enable them to thrive as well-rounded individuals able to get the most out of life.