Meet ARK Kings Academy's New Head Girl and Head Boy

ARK Kings Academy Head Girl and Head Boy for 2014-15 Demi Keenan and Sufiyan Aziz

Today (Thursday 6 November 2014), ARK Kings Academy is proud to announce its student leadership team for 2014-15.

Following a competitive selection process with assessments by students and staff, Demi Keenan (15) and Sufiyan Aziz (16) were appointed as Head Girl and Head Boy. Additionally, 7 other students will serve as prefects:

  • Trinity Cund
  • Rebecca Elegbede
  • Chloe Hutchings
  • Layton Mckeon
  • Whitney Ricketts
  • Charlotte Slater
  • Paul Wright

The student leadership team will play an important role in strengthening student voice at ARK Kings Academy.  As Head Girl and Head Boy, Demi and Sufiyan will listen to students’ ideas and concerns and make sure these are heard by ARK Kings’ Senior Leadership team. They will also represent the academy at public events and speak at assemblies.

Prefects will also play an important role in academy life, serving as representatives their fellow students can approach for help and advice. Prefects, and indeed the whole student leadership team, will also provide positive role models for younger students at ARK Kings.

The contest for Head Girl and Head Boy was fiercely competitive. Candidates first had to submit a written application, explaining why they wanted the position and what they would bring to the role. Shortlisted candidates then gave a speech and answered questions from fellow students, with their performances being assessed. Finally, each of the candidates was interviewed by Principal Roger Punton, who made the final decision on who to appoint.

The student leadership roles were first established in 2012, when ARK Kings Academy was established. The leadership team makes an important contribution to ARK Kings Academy’s culture and ethos.   The roles also directly benefit the students themselves, giving them valuable leadership experience and self-confidence they need to thrive at college, university and later life.

Speaking after she had just found out she had been appointed Head Girl, Demi said:

“I feel very proud of myself. I didn’t think that I would make it as I was so nervous but it has put faith in myself that I can get somewhere if I really try.” 

Sufiyan also spoke positively about his experience of applying to become Head Boy and his hopes for the coming year:

“I saw an opportunity to take up a role in leadership and improve a school that has helped me over the past three years. I’m going to improve the experience of going to school for both students and staff alike.”