ARK Kings Students Mark Remembrance Day

Pupils and students from ARK Rose Primary Academy and ARK Kings Academy at the St Nicolas' Church War Memorial on Remembrance Day 2014

Today (Tuesday 11 November), students and staff marked Remembrance Day and 100 years since the outbreak of the First World War by holding a joint commemoration with ARK Rose Primary Academy and a whole school assembly, both of which were timed to coincide with the traditional two minute silence at 11 o'clock to mark Armistice Day.

Wreath placed on War Grave at St Nicolas' Church in Kings Norton by pupils and students of ARK Rose Primary and ARK Kings Academy

ARK Kings Academy led a group of students and staff from ARK Kings and ARK Rose Primary to St Nicolas' Churchyard on Kings Norton Green. Whilst there, the group visited war memorials for local people who died in both World Wars. They then placed a wreath on the grave of Kings Norton resident Harry L Barradell, an RAF Lieutenant who died in April 1918, and our new Head Girl and Head Boy Demi Keenand Sufiyan Aziz, recited the famous poem, 'For The Fallen'. At two minutes before 11 o'clock students and staff listened to 'The Last Post' before observing the Two Minute Silence to remember everyone who has lost their lives in wars and conflicts.

ARK Kings Academy Head Girl and Head Boy for 2014-15 Demi Keenan and Sufiyan Aziz deliver reading at Remembrance Day 2014

Back at ARK Kings Academy, students and staff took time out of their day shortly before 11 o'clock for a special Remembrance Day assembly led by Principal Roger Punton. Mr Punton explained what Remembrance is and why it still matters, 100 years on from the outbreak of the First World War. Pupils learned about how ordinary people's lives were affected by the First World War and subsequent wars and conflicts. At 11 o'clock pupils and staff observed the Two Minute Silence.

In the run-up to Remembrance Day, students have been learning about Remembrance and the First World War. Student volunteers have been selling Poppies and both students and staff alike have been wearing their Poppy with pride.

What is Remembrance and why do we remember?

  • Remembrance is a part of modern British life, culture and heritage
  • It becomes a particular feature of the public calendar on or about Remembrance Sunday and 11 November, Armistice Day, each year.
  • This is when public, private, formal and informal Remembrance events take place throughout the UK.Millions of people each year stop what they are doing and observe a Two Minute Silence at 11am on the 11th day of the 11th month, commemorating the original Armistice of 1918 which signalled the ‘stilling of arms’ and led to the formal end to the First World War, eventually signed in 1919.
  • Through the The Two Minute Silence we remember the millions killed, injured and affected by wars and conflict.

The Poppy: Key Facts

  • The Poppy is a symbol of hope and remembrance worn by millions of people
  • The Poppy is red to reflect the colour of field poppies, which managed to grow in Flanders, amongst the destruction of World War War
  • The Poppy is not a sign of support for war

To find out more about Remembrance or  make a donation, please visit The Royal British Legion website.