ARK Kings Student Dreams a Dream

ARK Kings Academy Year 7 student Logan

One of the most special moments of our 2014 end of term concert came from Logan in Year 7 and his magnificent solo performance of ‘I Dreamed A Dream' from Les Miserables 

After the dust had settled, we caught up with Logan to ask him how we found performing in front of a packed audience, what he enjoys about ARK Kings and his advice for aspiring musicians.

Amongst everyone who attended the Christmas concert, the general consensus is your rendition of ‘I Dreamed A Dream’ was a real highlight. How did you come to perform the solo on the night?

I’ve always enjoyed singing but until recently I was never really that good. About a year ago I decided to get a little more serious and my Mum arranged for me to have lessons.

Every week I take singing lessons at the Birmingham conservatoire (a world class centre for nurturing musical talent), where I learn classical music.

When I joined ARK Kings I told Mr Bull [ARK Kings' Head of Music] about my interest in singing so he suggested I should try out for the solo performance. At first I found I found it quite daunting singing in front of other students, but afterwards they and Mr Bull told me I was good.

 How much practice did you put into your performance?

I only practiced for about a week but I did practice quite a bit, including at break times with Mr Bull.

How has performing at the Christmas concert affected you?

I feel more confident now but I still think I would be nervous when performing in future.

What advice would you give to a person who would like to take part in a musical performance but is nervous about doing so?

If you’re feeling a bit anxious you should just forget you’re there and imagine you’re singing in the shower.

Finally, as someone who only recently joined ARK Kings, how are you finding things so far?

I’m finding life at ARK Kings exciting. It’s very different from primary school, particularly the fact you have different teachers for each subject. The best thing about ARK Kings is the small class sizes, which means you have more one-to-one time with the teachers.