Improving Children's Lives, One Page at a Time

ARK Kings Academy females student reading a book in the school library

On Monday (12 January), students from ARK Kings Academy set out to improve children's lives, one page at a time, by taking part in a sponsored Readathon.

Over the next month, our students will be sponsored by friends and family to read as many books for pleasure as possible. The more books students read in this time, the more money they will raise for charities which directly benefit the lives of children.

First established in 1984, Readathon is a way of encouraging children to read for pleasure. Those who read for pleasure are more like to flourish academically, socially, emotionally and career-wise. Readathon encourages children to read for pleasure with its simple but effective sponsored reading challenge.

ARK Kings Academy librarian, Mrs Trombley, said:

"I am passionate about reading for pleasure and have seen firsthand how it enriches young people's lives. Readathon is a wonderful way of encouraging young people to make reading a habit. It is fantastic to see our students so excited about reading I am sure there will be plenty of friendly competition over who can read the most books and money for charity." 

The money our students are raise will go to support the work charities working with children. Charities include CLIC Sargent, the leading cancer charity for children and young people, and Roald Dahl’s Marvellous Children’s Charity, which specialises in helping children with serious neurological or blood conditions. You can find out more by visiting the Readathon website.

Readathon is just one way we encourage students at ARK Kings to reading for pleasure. The Accelerated Reader programme supports student readers by recommending books which are sufficiently challenging to help them develop their vocabulary and literacy skills and encouraging students to track their own progress. Before Christmas, our Year 7 students benefited from Bookbuzz, an initiative which gives students a free book of their choice to read and swap with friends.