Parent Governor Ballot

Sign pointing way to an election polling station

Yesterday (Tuesday 27 November), parents received a letter from Principal Roger Punton, inviting them to vote for who they want to serve as Parent Governor on the governing body of ARK Kings Academy.

We are delighted to say we received a strong response to our initial expression of interest. As a result, parents have the chance to choose between two candidates for the Parent Governor role.

Voting Arrangements


Parents will have received a ballot paper with their letter home plus a brief statement from each candidate, summarising why they wish to be Parent Governor.

You can vote for only one candidate. As indicated on the ballot paper, you should vote by marking an X alongside the name of the parent that you support. Please do not put any other information on the ballot paper as this may invalidate your vote.

Once you have marked your ballot paper please return it to us in the envelope provided. You need to return this envelope to the reception of ARK Kings Academy and place it in the ballot box by the closing date for the vote, 4pm on Tuesday 3rd February 2015.

Alternatively, you can return your ballot paper by:

POST (addressed to Mr Roger Punton, Principal, ARK Kings Academy, Shannon Road, Birmingham, B38 9DE), making sure that your vote is received before the closing date, as above. Please make sure that you use the enclosed envelope.

EMAIL, making sure that you quote your ballot number on your message.

Votes will be counted on the first past the post system.  The decision will then be reviewed by the Ark Governance Manager prior to confirmation of the appointment.

Further Information and Assistance

If you need any further information, please speak with Mr Clarke, Communications Manager, in the first instance by phoning the school office on 0121 459 4451. 

Photo credit: Leon Bocard/Flickr