Enrichment Day 4 at ARK Kings Academy Takes Off Like A Rocket

ARK Kings Academy students with their bottle rockets ahead of the big launch

ARK Kings held another successful enrichment day on Wednesday, engaging students across all year groups in a range of fun and informative activities aimed at expanding their horizons and preparing them for the future.

For Year 7s, the day was a chance to try out a range of sports and fitness activities. Starting in the morning with Extreme Frisbee, a team-based sport combining Frisbee and Netball, students also got to learn Judo moves, Boxing and Aerobics.

The sky was well and truly the limit for our Year 8s as they designed, built and launched their own water bottle rockets. Students learned about the science behind rocket launches, experimenting with different amounts of water to determine the combination of water and air pressure which would help their rocket go the highest.

Returning to earth for a moment, Year 9 students took part in an inter-faith workshop exploring different aspects of identity before sampling ARK Kings’ innovative Band Musicianship programme. For Year 9s, the day culminated in a ‘band slam’ performance combining, guitar, keyboard, percussion and vocals.

Over in the Drama Studio, the sound of poetry could be heard as local poet Dreadlock Alien helped students express themselves in verse. As well as being a lot of fun, the session helped reinforce students’ GCSE English lessons.

Lastly, for our senior students in Year 11 the day was about planning for life after ARK Kings. Students had the opportunity to speak face-to-face with from people from different walks of life including members of the Army and the Police as well as a documentary filmmaker. Also on-hand were specially trained careers advisers, who helped guide students through their career options.

Enrichment is aimed at adding an extra layer of value to the school experience for all students by providing opportunities to develop communication, teamwork, creative, problem solving and sporting skills amongst others.  We hold six enrichment days over the course of the school year. Enrichment Day 5 will take place on Monday 19th May.

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