Year 10 Student Samuel Excels at Sports Day 2015

male student athlete running in a race at ARK Kings Academy Sports Day 2015

On Tuesday, Year 10 student Samuel was the start of ARK Kings Academy Sports Day, winning in each of the individual track events, which put him comfortably ahead of other student athletes competing on the day.

Samuel competed dominated not just the 100m and 200m sprint events but also excelled at longer middle distance events, comfortably winning the longer 400m and 800m races.

Sports Day took place at the Norman Green athletics centre in Solihull,which provided excellent facilities for our student athletes to compete.

ARK Kings Academy female student mid-air long jump competition Sports Day 2015

As well as individual glory, students were competing for team honours Half the students competed as ‘Team Purple’, with the other half of the school making up ‘Team Gold’. The team names reflect ARK Kings Academy official colours of purple and gold. Points were awarded for individual performances, adding to a team’s overall points total.

ARK Kings Academy male athletes pass relay baton at Sport Day 2015

Team honours went to Team Purple with 577 points. Team Gold managed a total of 515. Competition was at its most fierce in Year 7, where just 5 points stood between the Team Purple  Team and Team Gold.

Female ARK Kings Academy student competes in high jump competition Sports Day 2015

This year, Sports Day consisted of a total of 9 different track and field categories, with boys and girls competing in their own events. Activities included:

  • 100m
  • 200m
  • 400m
  • 800m
  • 4 X 100m relay
  • Shot put
  • Discus
  • High jump
  • Long jump

ARK Kings Academy students help with the running of Sports Day 2015

This year’s Sports Day was fantastic not just because of the quality of the individual sporting performances and the fierce but friendly team competition but because of the character our students displayed.

When not competing, students could be found cheering each other on or helping staff with the running of the day. This year’s Sports Day yet again shows the power of school sport to provide all students with positive experiences and the opportunity to develop as well-rounded individuals.