ARK Kings Students Make the News on BBC School Report Day 2014

ARK Kings Student Reports Bethany and Lois interview Bali Paddock from Birmingham City Council about plans for regenerating the Three Estates

On Thursday 27th March students from ARK Kings Academy made their own news when they took part in the national BBC News School Report project. 

Working together as one team, 13 students from across Years 7 to 11 took part in an action-packed day to research, write, record and broadcast a series of news stories. The stories our students told reflected their interests and concerns about school, community and global issues.

The day was a fantastic success. The team managed to work to a tight deadline to write and record seven original news sources. Each story is presented as both an extended piece of writing as well as a video broadcast. You can view all seven stories over on the Aspire Student Newspaper website.

As well as enjoying themselves, our students gained a number of valuable skills. Many teachers have said that taking part in School Report supports all sorts of learning for instance by helping students develop their ability to work in teams, manage their time, conduct independent enquiries, communicate effectively and think critically, while independent evaluations and studies have also backed the project.

Francis Clarke, Communications Manager for ARK Kings and one of the members of staff who supervised our team of Student Reporters, said of the day:

BBC News School Report was a fantastic day for students and staff alike. Students approached School Report with focus and determination, actively identifying the stories which matter to them and their peers. Having set their own agenda, they worked hard to research their stories, going beyond desk research to set up face-to-face meetings with teachers, council officer and the Police. Students then brought together all their research to produce well-written articles, which they presented to camera.By taking part in School Report students have developed valuable skills and confidence that will benefit them for years to come.


At ARK Kings Academy we believe enrichment projects such as BBC News School Report help prepare our students for further and higher education leading to a career of their own choice. You can find out more about our approach to enrichment by visiting the enrichment page on our website. 

Watch all the Stories from BBC News School Report 2014

You can watch (and read) all the ARK Kings BBC News School Report stories over on the Aspire Student Newspaper website: