Injury No Obstacle for Committed ARK Kings Teacher

ARK Kings Academy teacher Katie Marshall using a knee scooter

It’s fair to say teachers at ARK Schools are a committed breed so when a teacher does something that really grabs your attention, as was the case when Katie Marshall at ARK Kings Academy in Birmingham tore her Achilles tendon, it’s worth sharing the news with others.

Katie Marshall, French teacher and Head of Enrichment at ARK Kings Academy, definitely fits the bill of committed.

Back in January, Katie tore her Achilles tendon during a heated staff Badminton match against local school Baverstock Academy. True to form, Katie made sure she finished the match (which ARK Kings won, by the way) before seeking hospital treatment for her injury.

Recalling how she acquired her injury, Katie said:

“I was stretching to return a shot when I suddenly felt a sharp pain, as though someone had kicked the back of my leg. I kept playing, however, as it was a really close game and I wanted to make sure ARK Kings won.”

At the hospital Katie had her leg put in a special boot and was told by Doctors it would be six months until her injury would be healed and in that time she would be unable to walk. Given teachers spend most of their day standing in front of a class of students, Katie faced the prospect of having to re-think how she managed her life, both inside and outside of school.

Going the Extra Mile

Fortunately for ARK Kings, Katie responded to the challenge she was facing with characteristic determination and imagination. The next week she arranged a car swap with her Mother, who drives an automatic, so that she could continue to drive herself to work.

For her days at school, Katie looked to technology for support.  After doing her own research Katie discovered an innovative ‘knee scooter’. As the name suggests, this is a scooter which provides vital knee support. With the scooter not only has Katie been able to rest her leg and get around the school with ease, she has also been able to maintain her dynamic way of delivering lessons.

“I am passionate about teaching and couldn’t stand the thought of being off work due to my injury. Luckily, I discovered there is now an amazing selection of adaptive technology such as the knee scooter, which can help people maintain an independent lifestyle.”

While Katie has responded positively to the challenges she has faced, she is really looking forward to June, when she will be able to walk unaided. However, even after her knee scooter has been retired, students and staff alike will remember the dedication and professionalism Katie has shown.