"Save the Earth, treasure it" - High quality work at Ark Kings

These examples of high quality work were written by Caitlin and Chloe (Year 10) in their GCSE Chemistry class.

Both these students show a drive to understand concepts at significant depth across all of their subjects.  They take pride in the presentation of their work and the standard of their writing, as these advisory articles clearly demonstrate.

In her advisory article discussing the human impact on levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide Caitlin writes:

“…the amount of CO2 in our atmosphere is 0.04%.  Although this may seem tiny in comparison to the nitrogen in our atmosphere (78%), it has in fact doubled since 1700.  This has been caused by both natural and human influences…”

Chloe outlines some possible explanations for the recent “exponential increase of CO2 in our atmosphere” in her article:

“…vehicles and factories from the industrial revolution. The constant burning of fossil fuels…"

Caitlin lists further possible explanations:

“…air travel, population increase, deforestation…”

Both students provide the reader with hard hitting messages about where this could lead and advice on how to make a difference.

Chloe writes:

“0.04% doesn’t seem like a lot, but… global warming can take a toll on our world.”

Caitlin writes:

“My advice to you is to opt for solar energy over the burning of fossil fuels… Save the Earth, treasure it”

Both Caitlin and Chloe recently received A* grades in their most recent internal examination in chemistry.

September 2015