European Day of Languages

European language day

To mark European Languages Day students and staff celebrated the diversity of languages in Europe, and indeed the diversity of languages within the Ark Kings community with a range of activities. The day was kicked off with a whole school assembly promoting the value of language learning by highlighting the career benefits as well as personal advantages to speaking a second or even third language.

At break and lunchtime students captured their own views of language learning on posters laid out in the canteen. It was great to see so many students sharing their native language with their friends!

The enthusiasm spread to teachers, who displayed a different European language at the start of each lesson so that by the end of the day students had learnt basic greetings in 6 different European languages. Some teachers even took their registers in different languages! Around the corridors students greeted each other and staff in Greek, Italian, Dutch, Latvian, German and Portuguese!




Adam: “I enjoyed learning the main phrases of the different languages in lessons!”


Louis: “My favourite language today was Italian – I can say my name now!”


Lydia: “When you’re learning new languages you’ve got opportunities to see different parts of the world and understand different peoples’ culture!”


Ronnie: “I want to learn Latin as I believe it is the base of most languages!”