Primary School Spelling Bee a Great Success for ARK Kings Academy

Group photos of pupils from local primary schools in South Birmingham attending a spelling bee competition at ARK Kings Academy

Last Thursday we hosted a well-attended spelling bee competition for pupils from local primary schools Rose, St Pauls, Cotteridge and Allens Croft.

Lined up in a row on stage, each pupil was asked by a teacher to spell a word from a list of words. A pupil was eliminated whenever they were unable to spell a particular word. As the competition progressed, the words became more challenging until only one pupil was left standing.

Prizes were awarded to individual pupils as well as best overall team. ARK Rose dominated the individual awards, scooping both first and second prize. Third prize went to Sahra from Allens Croft while Cotteridge Infants and Junior School picked up the school champions’ prize for best overall team performance.

At ARK Kings Academy we have the highest expectations for all students. Activities such as spelling bees are a great way of encouraging students to push themselves academically and grow their confidence. The spelling bee competition is one of the ways we support the learning of younger children in our local community, many of whom will join us when they choose their secondary school place. 

Spelling bee organiser and ARK Kings’ Head of English, Catherine Jones said,

“Today’s primary spelling bee was a fun way for pupils to improve their spelling. I was impressed by pupils’ high standards of spelling and how confidently they responded to the pressure of competition. Taking part in events such as today’s spelling bee is great way for primary school pupils to develop the essential skills that will allow them to achieve their full potential.”