Open Sessions and Tours

It is an exciting time to be joining the academy. This summer students made significantly greater than expected progress and as a result Ark kings Academy is likely to be in the top 10% of schools nationally for student progress! 

Open Sessions for New Year 7 Students

Throughout the year we hold open sessions for for parents and pupils thinking of joining ARK Kings Academy. These sessions are an opportunity for parents and pupils  get to know the academy and our staff and are designed to help you decide whether ARK Kings Academy is the right secondary school for them. 

Open sessions are timed to coincide with the secondary school admissions process, which is coordinated by Birmingham City Council. Sessions are held in the autumn so that parents and pupils have all the information they need to complete their secondary school preference form with confidence. Follow-up sessions are then held in the spring/summer period, prior to parents confirming their child's secondary school place. 

The dates of our standard open sessions are published in advance, both on our website as well as in the admissions booklet parents receive from Birmingham City Council

We'd love to tell you more about what we can do for your child. If you have any questions, or if you want to book an appointment to look around our school, please just call or email us:

Telephone: 0121 459 4451