Pupil Premium

The Pupil Premium is a grant given to schools for each child who claims free school meals currently or who has done so in the past. It is really important that all parents/carers of children eligible to do so register for free school meals even if you don’t choose to have them as the grant enables us to provide extra resources for your children.

Research has shown that children who have been on or are currently on Free School Meals (FSM) do not attain as highly as other children in school. The government provides this grant so that we can commission/allocate additional support to ensure that they do. The support can be in a short burst or over a longer time period such as a term, two terms, a year or more. It may take the form of 1-1 or small group teaching and may be an evidence based intervention. It can be additional resources, enrichment or access to opportunities that enhance learning and or aspiration.

ARK Kings Academy, like all ARK academies, receives pupil premium in respect of our most disadvantaged pupils. Each academy plans their academic support and intervention according to the needs of their individual students and states how the support is used on their school website. 


ARK Kings Academy Funding Strategy 2018/19

ARK Kings Academy has developed a strategy to maximise the impact and effectiveness of Pupil Premium funding. You can read full details of our our approach for 2017-18 by downloading the report below.

Pupil Premium And Sports Premium Policy 2018-19.pdf


 Sports Premium Spending 2018-19.pdf



The academy has allocated a total of £28,500 as Year 7 Catch Up Funding for the year 2018/19.
This income pays for adittional staffing of literacy and numeracy lessons for Year 7 (2hrs per week) and reading materials associated with this programme. Those students who are below expected reading age receive additional support to ensure they make more than expected progress through the accelerated reader scheme.

Y7 Literacy Numeracy Catch-up Premium.pdf


Information on how we have used Pupil Premium in previous years

Pupil Premium & Sports Funding Policy Review 2017/18.pdf

Pupil Premium Funding 2016/17 Impact Report


If you wish to access a hard copy of any policy please contact school's office on: 01214594451 or email: info@arkkingsacademy.org.