Rewards and sanctions

People respond well to being told they have done the right things and therefore it is right that students are recognised for behaving well on a regular basis. Students will be told individually and collectively (as a teaching group, form group or year group) when they have met the academy standards for good behaviour. We want them and their parents to know they are doing what is expected of them. Good behaviour will be recognised both informally and formally. The basic unit of reward is a merit


What we recognise and celebrate formally 

Effective praise specifies the particulars of the achievement and is given in recognition of noteworthy effort or success. Each term we will formally recognise students through the end of term assembly in the following areas: 

  • Academic excellence (high standards) 
  • Progress made (improvement) 
  • Performance related achievement (sport, music, drama, art) 
  • Exceptional contribution to the academy (going above and beyond)
  • Consistency (following academy expectations every day)
  • Leadership (taking responsibility and initiative) 
  • Full attendance

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