Senior Leadership Team

Mr R Punton Principal
Mr S McCay Vice Principal - Pastoral 
Ms K Marshall Vice Principal - Academic
Ms E Drayton Assistant Principal - Teaching & Learning (Secondary)
Mr J Holtom Assistant Principal - Pastoral (Secondary)
Mr M Werner Assistant Principal - Curriculum and Assessment (Secondary)
Ms L Chamberlain Operations Manager


Student Support and Pastoral Team 

Mr S McCay Vice Principal - Pastoral
Mr R Barker Head of Year 7 Learning
Mr M Kolawole Head of Year 8 Learning
Mr M Rajani Head of Year 9 Learning
Mr C Smith Head of Year 10 Learning
Mr D Iliff Head of Year 11 Learning
Mrs M Cole Reflection Supervisor
Ms L Jacques Year 7 Student Support Manager
Ms J Cartwright Year 8 Student Support Manager
Mr L Johnson Year 9 Student Support Manager
Mr M Bagley Year 10 & 11 Student Support Manager
Ms L Wardley Year 6 & 7 Student Support Manager
Mrs C Varley Safeguarding and Attendance/Student Support Manager Yrs 7-11
Mr M Stockman Attendance and Pastoral Support Worker
Ms A Chetwynd Special Educational Needs Coordinator
Ms R Hulme Assistant SENCO (Non-teaching)


Ms C Jones Head of English
Ms V Sharp Teacher of English & Head of Literacy
Ms V Lewis Teacher of English
Ms C Vainker Teacher of English
Ms A Cremin Teacher of English
Ms K Cole Teacher of English
Ms M Villalobos Finigan Teacher of English
Mr S Hands Teacher of English
Mrs S Trombley Academy Librarian



Ms H Rudge Head of Mathematics
Mr M Werner Teacher of Mathematics
Mr M Rajani Teacher of Mathematics
Mr R Sharma Teacher of Mathematics
Ms R Aghanenu Teacher of Mathematics
Mr J Okeleke Teacher of Mathematics



Mr J Ward Head of Science
Mrs R Chalk Teacher of Science
Mrs A Jesmin Teacher of Science
Mr R Sallis Teacher of Science
Ms K Algee Teacher of Science
Mr D Lawson Science Technician


Art & Design

Mrs L Critchlow Teacher in charge of Art/Design
Mr G Willetts Art Teacher



Mr M Hunt Head of Humanities
Ms L Coton Teacher of Geography



Mr A McEwan Teacher of History
Mr J Marchant Teacher of History



Mr M Kolawole Head of Computing
Mrs A Chetwynd Teacher of Computing


Modern Foreign Language

Mr J Brocklebank Head of Modern Foreign Languages
Mr S Hands Second in charge of Modern Foreign Languages & Head of Careers
Ms K Marshall Teacher of Modern Foreign Languages
Mr D Iliff Teacher of Modern Foreign Languages
Ms L Poneau Ouarafana Teacher of Modern Foreign Languages



Mr P Bull   Head of Music
Mr P Collier Teacher of Music
Mr N Portlock Band Musicianship Teacher
Ms C Marsh Band Musicianship Teacher
Mr D Sankarsingh Band Musicianship Teacher


Physical Education

Mr A Marks Head of Physical Education & Healthy Lifestyles
Mr R Barker Teacher of Physical Education
Mr J Holtom Teacher of Physical Education
Mr C Smith Teacher of Physical Education
Ms H Lloyd Teacher of Physical Education


Religious Education

Ms E Stevenson Head of Religious Education
Ms E Drayton Teacher of Religious Education
Mr S McCay Teacher of Religious Education
Ms A Rafiq Teacher of Religious Education


Teaching support

Mr K Mir Cover Supervisor

All-through Academy

Management Information Team

Mrs E Tencheva Data Officer: Curriculum and Assessment
Mrs N Garrett Data Officer: Attendance and Admissions
Mrs D Spence Data Officer: Examinations and Cover



Ms L Chamberlain Operations Manager
Ms A Cartwright PA to the Principal & Administration Team Manager
Ms T Mead HR Administrator
Ms T Humphries Receptionist (AM) Secondary
Ms A Banks Receptionist (AM) Primary
Ms H Turner Receptionist (PM) Primary
Ms A Banks Receptionist (PM) Secondary
Mr D Lee Site Team Manager
Ms M Hegney Site Team Shift Supervisor
Mr M Dockery Reprographics Assistant
Ms A Brewster Lunchtime Supervisor
Ms S Hislop Lunchtime Supervisor
Ms S Asif Lunchtime Supervisor

To contact a member of staff please call the school office on: 0121 459 4451.