In September 2017, Ark Kings Academy became an all-through school admitting pupils from Reception - Year 11.  You can find the names of our leadership team, teaching and support staff below. Your first point of contact to discuss any concerns about your child is their form tutor (secondary) or class teacher (primary). You can contact your child's form tutor or class teacher via telephone or email, full details of which can be found on our Contact Us page.

Senior Leadership Team

Mr R Punton Principal
Ms J Gregson Acting Head of School (Primary) 
Mr S McCay Vice Principal - Pastoral 
Ms K Marshall Vice Principal - Academic
Ms E Drayton Assistant Principal - Teaching & Learning (Secondary)
Dr E Rhodes Acting Deputy Head (Primary)
Mr J Holtom Assistant Principal - Pastoral (Secondary
Ms L Ayling Acting Assistant Headteacher - Pastoral (Primary)
Ms T Robinson Assistant Headteacher - Inclusion (Primary)
Mr M Werner Acting Assistant Principal - Curriculum and Assessment (Secondary)


Extended Leadership Team

Ms R Hulme Assistant SENCO (Non teaching)
Ms C Jones Director of English & Literacy (Secondary)
Mr M Werner Director of Mathematics (Secondary)
Mrs R Chalk Director of Science (Secondary)
Mr M Hunt Head of Geography (Secondary)
Ms A Clewer Key Stage 2 Phase Lead (Primary)
Ms A Bramble Acting Key Stage 1 Phase Lead (Primary) 
Ms M Ward Acting English Lead (Primary)
Mr S Curruthers Maths Lead (Primary)


Student Support and Pastoral Team 

Mr S McCay Vice Principal - Pastoral
Mr M Kolawole Head of Year 7 Learning & eSafety Lead
Mr M Rajani Head of Year 8 Learning and Primary Liaison
Mr C Smith Head of Year 9 Learning
Mr D Iliff Head of Year 10 Learning & Rewards
Mr R Barker Head of Year 11 Learning
Ms J Cartwright Year 7 Student Support Manager
Mr L Johnson Year 8 Student Support Manager
Mr M Bagley Year 9 & 10 Student Support Manager
Ms L Jacques Year 11 Student Support Manager
Ms L Wardley Year 5 & 6 Student Support Manager
Mrs C Varley Safeguarding and Attendance/Student Support Manager
Ms Y Duckworth Safeguarding and Attendance/Student Support Manager
Mr M Stockman Attendance and Pastoral Support Worker
Ms S Broad Reception - Year 4 Student Support Manager
Ms A Busby Special Educational Needs Coordinator
Ms R Hulme Assistant SENCO (Non-teaching)
Ms N Cain SENCO Assistant (Primary Non-teaching)


Primary Teaching Staff

Ms S Wilkin Reception Class Teacher 
Ms S Sutherland Reception Class Teacher 
Ms A Bramble Year 1 Class Teacher 
Ms C Round Year 1 Class Teacher 
Ms M McKenzie-Ward Year 2 Class Teacher 
Ms A Clewer Year 3 Class Teacher 
Ms D Beckett Year 4 Class Teacher 
Ms M Ward Year 4 Class Teacher 
Ms L Hadley Year 5 Class Teacher 
Mr S Curruthers Year 6 Class Teacher
Ms K Jones Primary Class Teacher 
Ms N Browne Primary Class Teacher 



Ms C Jones Director of English & Literacy
Dr E Rhodes Teacher of English
Ms V Lewis Teacher of English
Ms E Leedham Teacher of English
Ms C Vainker Teacher of English
Ms A Cremin Teacher of English
Ms V Sharp Teacher of English
Ms K Cole Teacher of English
Mrs S Trombley Academy Librarian



Mr M Werner Director of Mathematics
Mr M Rajani Teacher of Mathematics
Ms H Rudge Teacher of Mathematics
Mr K Bali Teacher of Mathematics
Mr R Sharma Teacher of Mathematics



Mrs R Chalk Director of Science
Ms D Brown Second in charge of Science
Mrs A Jesmin Teacher of Science
Mr J Ward Teacher of Science
Mr R Sallis Teacher of Science
Mr D Lawson Science Technician


Art & Design

Mrs L Critchlow Teacher in charge of Art/Design
Mr J Weston Teacher in charge of D&T
Mr G Willetts Art Teacher



Mr M Hunt Teacher in charge of Geography (Director of Humanities)



Mr C McElwaine Teacher in charge of History



Mr M Kolawole Head of Computing
Mrs A Busby Teacher of Computing


Modern Foreign Language

Mr J Brocklebank Head of Modern Foreign Languages
Mr S Hands Second in charge of Modern Foreign Languages & Head of Careers
Ms K Marshall Teacher of Modern Foreign Languages
Mr D Iliff Teacher of Modern Foreign Languages



Mr P Bull   Teacher in charge of Music
Mr N Portlock Band Musicianship Teacher
Ms C Marsh Band Musicianship Teacher
Mr D Sankarsingh Band Musicianship Teacher


Physical Education

Mr A Marks Head of Physical Education & Healthy Lifestyles
Mr R Barker Teacher of Physical Education
Mr J Holtom Teacher of Physical Education
Mr C Smith Teacher of Physical Education
Ms H Lloyd Teacher of Physical Education


Religious Education

Ms E Whittaker Head of Religious Education
Ms E Drayton Teacher of Religious Education
Mr S McCay Teacher of Religious Education


Teaching support

Mr K Mir Cover Supervisor


Management Information Team

Mrs E Tencheva Data Officer: Curriculum and Assessment
Mrs N Garrett Data Officer: Attendance and Admissions
Mrs D Spence Data Officer: Examinations and Cover



Ms A Cartwright PA to the Principal & Administration Team Manager
Ms T Mead Administrator
Ms T Humphries Receptionist (mornings)
Ms A Banks Receptionist (afternoons)
Ms H Turner Receptionist (Primary)
Mr M Dockery Reprographics Assistant
Ms N Ellis Finance and Payroll Officer
Ms D Driver Finance Assistant
Mrs Z Sparg HR Administrator
Mr D Lee Site Team Manager
Ms M Hegney Shift Supervisor
Ms A Brewster Lunchtime Supervisor (Primary)
Ms S Hislop Lunchtime Supervisor (Primary)