A successful transition to secondary school allows all students and parents to feel confident, optimistic and happy about joining our family. Children will understand what is expected of them at Ark Kings and be fully prepared for the level and style of work,

and be challenged to build on progress at primary school.



Video Links

Expressive Arts and Design, Literacy


Watch the ‘English Department transition video’


Choose your favourite book from home or school. Why do you like it? Who is your favourite character in the story? What are the big things that happen?


Now, using whatever materials you have at school or home, make masks for the characters in your book. You can later attach these with string or something like a lolly stick/straw/anything straight and which can support your mask.


Once your mask is complete, try to act out the story and/or pretend to be the character. Sometimes it’s fun to pretend to be a character who behaves very different from yourself. Maybe your parents or teachers may like to have a go.


When you start at Ark Kings in September it would be great if you could bring your masks to school and show them to your English teachers!



Intro Transition 2021


English Department transition video




Understand the World/ personal emotional development


Watch the ‘Welcome to Geography’, ‘AKA Science Y6’ and ‘Welcome to French Department’


Quick Discussion, what subject are most looking forward to learn? What was your favourite part of the video? How many teachers can you remember? Which teachers are you looking forward to meeting and why?


We would like you to be an investigative reporter and ask parents/teachers/grandparents about what they liked about school.


Ask them the following questions –


  • What subjects did you learn?
  • What was your favourite thing about secondary school?
  • What was the big difference between primary and secondary school?
  • What school did you go to?
  • Any other questions you can think of!


Record the answers you get and write a short report about what your teacher/parents/grandparents liked about school.


When you start Ark Kings please make sure to share your report with your form tutor.


Welcome to Geography




AKA Science Y6




Welcome to French Department



RE Dept





Literacy – ‘Letters in my name’ Scavenger Hunt!


Write your name on the top of your page. Using the letters in your name, can you find any objects or words from the videos that begin with the same letter? After you have found some items, label them and arrange them in a way that spells your name!


Videos – ‘SEND Video’, ‘Inclusion’ and ‘Music’



SEND Video









Expressive Arts and Design


Watch the ‘History transition’, ‘PE dept’ and ‘Welcome to Maths’ videos.


Get Creative:


Use different materials from around your house or school to create a mixed media picture of each subject.


Materials you could use:



Wool, string ad thread

Old t-shirts



(think outside of the box)


When you join us in September it would be great if you could show your finished mixed media picture to the teacher of that subject.


History transition




PE dept




Welcome to Maths




Create a ‘word map’ to explore the different emotions a student might feel as they move from primary to secondary school.


Write ‘Moving from primary to secondary school’ in a bubble in the centre of your page, then create a word map around it by drawing lines to different adjectives and phrases. How many different words can you think of?


You may wish to add colour and illustrations to your word map, to show visually what the words mean and how a student might be feeling.


Once you’ve finished your word map, choose the adjective or phrase that most fits how you’re feeling and write a paragraph to explain why.


When you join us in September, it would be great to share this with your form tutor.




Let’s get Secondary Ready!

Create a free ‘Numerise’ account online at the following site:



This is a free course that will help you prepare for the Maths you will work on in September. There are useful videos, a variety of interesting questions and your parents can even create an account to see how you get on! It will really help you to see what you already know and help you to work on any topics you find difficult so you can start Year 7 with confidence and ready for great new learning.




‘Get started on Numerise’


Watch this YouTube video to see how to use the site.



Helpful websites


BBC bitesize – starting secondary school