What is our Art curriculum purpose and rationale at Ark Kings?

At Ark Kings, we aim to give pupils the knowledge and skills to become creative artists who are confident with the use of different media. We are passionate about developing artists who can talk about themes within art, a piece’s historical context, as well as create their own artwork.

Our all-through purpose and rationale document provides more information: 00 Art Curriculum Purpose and Rationale - All through.pdf


Primary Phase - Further Information

Our Art curriculum overview outlines the content and threads of art skills pupils study in each year group: Art MTP and Threads.pdf


What is our approach to delivering the Art curriculum?

Across a learning sequence, pupils are taught to analyse an artist and their work, practise a core artistic skill or technique, carry out an observational drawing, develop and refine a final piece of artwork, followed by an evaluation. More information can be found here: Primary Art Lesson Sequencing.pdf

Here is an example of what this looks like:

Artist Study

Skills Study

Recording from Observation

Developing a Final Piece

Refining and Evaluating


Collaborative Art Projects

Pupils also engage in whole-school art projects to experience how to work on collaborative projects.

Autumn whole-school art project based on 'The Dot' book where children explored the use of colour, tone and line.


Secondary Phase - Further Information




Autumn Term

Spring Term

Summer Term


Drawing skills





Colour skills

Pencil crayons

Watercolour paints

3D piece

Links to other artists




3D work





Return to tone, colour, texture

Artist research



Design & construction



Observational drawing

Artist Appreciation


Students studying GCSE Art & Design follow the OCR syllabus, details of which can be found online at 2016/

A GCSE student will create a dynamic 'Portfolio' consisting of a variety of media. This will include; drawing, paint, print, textiles, experimental work, artist research etc. Students will develop skills in all areas and begin to work in a self directed, independent manner.

The 'Portfolio' accounts for 60% of the final grade.



Students studying GCSE Art & Design follow the OCR syllabus, details of which can be found online at


In Y 11, Students continue to develop their 'Portfolio', completing this by December. Upon their return in January, students will begin their 'Set Task' (Exam Project) which will be completed by the Easter break in April. The final component will be a ten hour exam over two days, in this time students create their final response. The 'Set Task' accounts for 40% of the final grade.