What is our MFL curriculum purpose and rationale at Ark Kings?

At Ark Kings, we aim to give pupils the knowledge and skills to become great communicators, both in their home language and additional languages. We aim to build children’s cultural awareness and develop global citizens.


Primary Phase - Further Information

Our Primary MFL Curriculum Purpose and Rationale provides more phase-specific detail: Primary Curriculum Purpose and Rationale MFL.pdf

Our MFL curriculum overview outlines the content children study in each year group: AKAP MFL Overview.pdf


What is our approach to delivering the MFL curriculum?

We plan sequences of lessons that enable children to practise the core skills of reading, writing, speaking and listening in French. To enable our children to be successful, we teach them core vocabulary and their translations in French, allow them to hear these being spoken aloud by the teacher, before then applying these in spoken sentences themselves. Children also have opportunities to read, write and learn about French culture and customs. We make our Modern Foreign Language lessons as interactive as possible, providing our pupils with lots of opportunities to talk, enabling them to build confidence when communicating in their non-native tongue!



Example of children's work from Lower Key Stage 2 as they embark on their foreign language study. Retrieval quizzes are used at the start of each lesson to help remind themselves of the vocabulary they have learnt in previous lessons. This enables our pupils to build a memory bank of French words and phrases, which they can then apply when speaking and writing in French independently.


How do we prepare our pupils for foreign language learning in the secondary phase?

We teach our pupils to acquire French in a way that can be applied to learning other languages too. For example, when teaching French phrases, we make reference to grammatical terms that our pupils will find useful learning a language so our pupils are not just able to recall vocabulary, but they have an understanding of how words and sentences are constructed to convey meaning.

Click on the document below to see the overview of the curiculum: MFL Curriculum Purpose and Rationale - All through.pdf


Secondary Phase - Further Information

7 Introducing myself School Free time
8 Staying connected and Food My Identity and Holidays My local area and my trip to France
9 My life and my family Free time Festivals and Celebrations
10 Local Area and Holidays School Work
11 Environment Exam Skills Revision and take exams
  For more information on GCSE course, go to the following address: https://qualifications.pearson.com/en/qualifications/edexcel-gcses/frenc...