What is our RE curriculum purpose and rationale at Ark Kings?

At Ark Kings, we aim to give students a broad understanding of the world’s religions and promote mutual respect of all citizens, showing understanding of their faith.


Primary Phase - Further Information

Our Primary RE Curriculum Purpose and Rationale provides more phase-specific detail: RE Curriculum Purpose and Rationale.pdf

Pupils in the primary phase study the six main world religions (Judaism, Hinduism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism and Sikhism) across Key Stage 1 and Lower Key Stage 2. In Upper Key Stage 2 then apply this knowledge to broader concepts such as belief, freedom, rituals and the future of religion.

An overview of RE learning in the primary phase can be found here: AKAP RE Overview.pdf


Key Stage 2 pupils engaging in the Man Who Changed the World exhibition, Oct. 2019.


Secondary Phase - Further Information

At Key Stage 3 students study the six world religions in further detail identifying similarities and differences in their beliefs and practices. Students gain an understanding of each religion so that they can understand the cultures and beliefs of others to prepare them for life in 21st century Britain.

At Key stage 4 students follow the Edexcel B specification and focus on Christianity and Islam as the two religions that they are most likely to encounter in 21st century Britain. Students look in depth at the beliefs of each religion and then apply these beliefs to different ethical and philosophical issues.

Key Stage 3:

Year 7

Autumn Term: Judaism Beliefs and Practices
Spring Term: Christianity Beliefs and Practices
Summer Term: Islam Beliefs and practices

Year 8:

Autumn Term: Hinduism Beliefs and Practices
Spring Term: Buddhism Beliefs and Practices
Summer Term: Sikhism Beliefs and Practices

Year 9:

Autumn Term: The history of Christianity
Spring Term: Philosophy and Ethics
Summer Term: The history of Islam

Year 10:

Autumn Half Term 1: Christianity beliefs
Autumn Half Term 2: Marriage and the Family
Spring Half Term 1: Living the Christian Life
Spring Half Term 2: Matters of Life and Death
Summer Half Term 1: Muslim Beliefs
Summer Half Term 2: Crime and Punishment

Year 11:

Autumn Half Term 1: Living the Muslim Life
Autumn Half Term 2: Peace and Conflict
Spring Half Term 1: Revision and Mock exams
Spring Half Term 2: Revision
Summer Half Term 1: Revision and Final GCSE Exam
Summer Half Term 2: