ARK Kings

The academy will:

  • Ensure your child is safe at all times.
  • Ensure your child is taught well every day.
  • Have high expectations of your child to do well academically at school.
  • Record and reward students for their success.
  • Ensure that lessons are not interrupted by any poor behaviour.
  • Ensure your child is treated fairly in line with the school’s behaviour policy.
  • Ensure that any bullying matters are dealt with swiftly.
  • Report to parents every half term on academic standards, behaviour and attendance.
  • Work in partnership with parents to ensure your child does as well as possible at school.


Parents and Carers

As a parent/carer I/we will:

  • Send my child to school each day in the correct uniform.
  • Ensure my child gets to school on time each day.
  • Support my child in completing their homework each day.
  • If my child is absent from school I will inform the school on the first day of absence.
  • Agree with any planned school absence by my child in advance with the school (term time holidays will not be authorised).
  • Work in partnership with the school and outside agencies to ensure my child does well.
  • Encourage my child to take part in the extracurricular opportunities offered.
  • Agree to the academy’s behaviour policy, including same-day detentions.
  • Come to meetings to discuss the progress of my child.



As a student, I will strive to ensure that Ark Kings is a great school for everyone by:

  • Wearing my full uniform with pride.
  • Following staff instructions immediately without any questioning at all.
  • Speaking calmly and quietly. Ark Kings is a ‘no shouting’ academy.
  • Being polite and respectful at all time.
  • Ensuring that my mobile phone is switched off at all times.
  • Keeping classrooms clean and tidy.
  • Acting as an ambassador for Ark Kings both in and out of the academy.

As a student, I will strive to achieve my academic potential by:

  • Being punctual: arriving punctually to school and to their lessons. Line up and wait to be greeted before entering the room.
  • Being organised: Put the planner, merit card and pencil case on their desk and begin the DNA.
  • Being calm: moving from one place to the next quietly. At the end of the lesson standing in silence until dismissed.
  • Engaging: Focus on learning, making sure they do not distract themselves or others.
  • Respecting: Speak calmly and politely at all times.
  • Persevering: Try your best at all times.


      Home school agreement.pdf


      If you wish to access a hard copy of any policy please contact the school's office on 0121 459 4451 (Secondary) or 0121 458 5380 (Primary), alternatively email us at: