Community Support Programme

At Ark Kings Academy, we're proud to be support students and their families through our Ark Kings Community Support Programme. If you would like support this week (Mon 1st June - Friday 5th May), take our Week 6 survey by Thurs 4th:

Collection and deliveries will be on Friday this week.


  • Food parcels

Families will be able to collect a free box of groceries on a weekly basis. This will include staple items such as bread, baked beans, milk, cereal, pasta and sauces. We will include suggested menus and cooking ideas for all the family to get involved.


  • Hot Meals Distribution

Once or twice a week our kitchen staff will cook up a delicious and nutritious meal which we can distribute in takeaway containers for students and their families.


  • Equipment loan scheme

Students will be able to borrow sports equipment, musical instruments, books, art supplies and use them at home with their families.


  • Advice and Guidance

We will signposting the most important and helpful government information, including useful information for families and people facing changing circumstances.


Collection and distribution

All of the above items will be available for collection either from the secondary school site or an arranged drop off location (Manningford Hall). We will publicize collection times, and we will be asking families to observe social distancing while queuing for collection.



You do not need to be eligible for FSM to access this support, as we recognize that the current situation may have placed families into financial uncertainty, or other difficult circumstances.



At this time, many people are facing difficulties, either with finances, accessing services, or adapting to life on lockdown. We hope that these programmes will support any families facing these difficulties while keeping children of all ages healthy, entertained and active during lockdown.