Virtual Transition Programme

Thursday 11 June 2020

A successful transition to secondary school allows all students and parents to feel confident, optimistic and happy about joining our family. Children will understand what is expected of them at Ark Kings and be fully prepared for the level and style of work, and be challenged to build on progress at primary school.

Dream Board

Use a few of the following conversation starters to begin a discussion with your child about aspirations:

  • Tell me about something you are good at.
  • What did you do to become good at it?
  • How long did it take?
  • What is something you would like to be better at?
  • Why is this goal important to you?


Create a dream board, all the things you would like to achieve during your time at ARK Kings and after you leave us!


Please show these to Mr Barker and Ms Thompson when start secondary school in September.


Mr Barker and Ms Thompson



Fact sheet

Hopefully by now you should know what form group you are in and who is your form role model.

Watch you form group video by clicking the link.

Please have a go a completing the following tasks:

  • Create a fact sheet about your form role model


  • Write your facts in chronological order around the photo.


  • Include a famous quote or two


  • Make a grid instead of wedges for your facts.


Please show these to your form tutor on your first day.


7Lily Rice – Ms Busby



7Dina Asher Smith – Miss Lloyd



7Shackleton – Mr Jennings



7Simone – Miss Norris



7Obama – Ms Tomkinson



7Malala – Ms Ntakouvanou


Please take time to watch the videos from our Principal, Vice Principle and Assistant Principal.


Once completed, please create a list of as many questions as possible about anything you are unsure of or anxious about regarding starting Ark Kings academy in September.


If your parents are unable to answer any of these questions, please bring them into school during your first week and hand them to your form tutor.


The likelihood is that many if not all pupils will have similar questions and worries.


No questions will get left unanswered!


Mr Punton – Principal


Mr McCay – Vice Principal


Mr Holtom – Assistant Principal



Please check regularly for further updates and activities.