Year 7 Campaign for Road Safety as part of Children in Need

This Children in Need, students took part in a range of fantastic events across the school which demonstrated our character trait of service, whilst also raising money for Children in Need.

Year 7

Year 7 pupils spent the morning campaigning for greater road safety on Shannon Road. Since September, there have been two accidents in close proximity to the school and students are taking action to raise awareness and prevent further injury.

Students will took part in a range of exciting morning activities including hearing from the Kings Norton Fire Service Watch Commander, writing a letter to the local MP and designing posters, signs and leaflets. The morning then culminated in students taking their signs to the grass verge opposite the school on Shannon Road, where they posed for photos and demonstrated for greater road safety outside the academy. Pupils were accompanied by teachers and joined by local Councillor Peter Griffiths.

Through these activities, pupils not only developed their understanding of road safety, but also learnt how they can become active citizens and contribute to the local community. As part of the campaign, pupils asked for increased signage and road furniture (e.g. speed bumps) outside of the school.

What our students had to say about the protest:

Year 7 has been protesting about road safety and made signs to tell people about it. We were demanding speed bumps. the rally    was amazing and some people were supporting us by beeping. Lance, 7Pankhurst

The firefighters told all our year 7 pupils about the need to be safer on the roads and told us that the new hybrid cars are very quiet so we need to be very careful when crossing the road. This is because there have been many accidents recently in the local area. Michael, 7Wilberforce

I think everyone should cross at traffic lights and: press the button all the time, look left and right, and you should make sure you’re not on your phone or you’re not listening to music because it's really dangerous. Alliyah, 7 Bowie