Year 7’s Trip to Jamie's Farm

Day One


We arrived and had a great introduction around the kitchen table. All pupils showed amazing listening skills and using one voice at a time which is what they've been working on in SULP. They introduced each other and the staff said they got a real sense of the family ethos we have at Ark Kings Academy.

In the afternoon we had a tour of the farm and went for a hike to watch the sunset and play capture the flag (which was led by Lucas). 

After shower time, home cooked spaghetti bolognaise is for dinner. We then have a meeting where each pupil checks in and gives shout outs to someone. After the meeting there will be star gazing, followed by story time and bed.

Day Two

Before we had our own (2 course) breakfast we had to feed the animals. Taylor, Ryan and Georgia cooked breakfast for everyone. Then we split up to do jobs around the farm such as wood chopping, herding sheep, lambing , gardening and horses whilst Carla and Lucas cooked macaroni cheese and homemade bread for lunch.  

This afternoon we have done more jobs with Lucas, Marshall and Georgia picking up some wood from Monmouth international recording studios where many famous bands have recorded albums . 

Chelsea Ryan and Tyler have cooked chicken for  dinner which we are looking forward to after our hike . 


Day Three

This morning there were chickens , calves , baby lambs and horses to feed before we had breakfast. Carla, Marshall and Chelsea cooked breakfast.

Ryan and Olivia took the horses out to the stream and pride rock. Georgia Lucas and Tyler took the sheep out to the field with their baby lambs for the first time. 

After lasagne for lunch we went out in the land rovers to summit the Skyvin. This was a physically demanding hike and everyone worked together to get to the top. Whilst we were gone a new calf was born.


Day Four

This afternoon we had our celebration meeting where we celebrated the strengths each pupil has shown over the week and discussed how these positive characteristics can be brought back to school. This evening we found out that lamb 21; whom Olivia and Ryan had rescued from the field on Monday and the pupils had taken it in turns to feed hourly over the week sadly didn't make it. 

Despite all of these mixed emotions we had a heart-warming campfire where everyone gave impromptu speeches telling their highlights of the week. This was quite an upsetting time for some but pupils showed real compassion and empathy for each other.

Ms L. Redhead & Mr S. Hands