Year 9 Entrepreneurs: Ricoh Arena

Year 9’s second enrichment day had a focus around entrepreneurship, business development and idea presentation. The groups with the best ideas and presentations won the opportunity to go on a tour of the Ricoh Arena and a gain an insight in to the world of sport and entertainment as businesses. Pupils were asked to share their reflections on the day and what interested them the most.

“I was really surprised when I saw the difference in the changing rooms, the home changing room had so much more space and equipment.” – Binta

“Something that surprised me was that they have over 700 events on in a year in the exhibition hall and have a hotel and casino that make money as well as what is made from the sport.” – Britney

“I learnt that the away changing rooms is very small and uncomfortable as a strategy to try to get in to the opponent’s head, it was interesting to see how the business of sport works.” – Mansour

“The club has a long history and is 150 years old this season. I enjoyed questioning Jordan in the conference room and getting to go pitch side.” – Aidan