In the Spotlight: GCSE Design Technology

As part of their Design Technology GCSE, Year 11 students have designed and created their own lamps. Lewis (7A) and Kathryn (8B) interviewed Mr Weston, Teacher in Charge of D&T, about the project and the subject.

Q: How many resources did it take to build the lamps?

A: A lot of resources including: plywood, polypropylene and pine. All the resources are sustainable or recyclable.

Q: How long did it take the Year 11s to make the lamps?

A: The pupils started work on their lamps in November and finished work in April. So, it took about six months.

Q: How did the Year 11s manage to make the lamps work?

A: The students used bought in IKEA lamps which they then disassembled and reassembled in different ways depending on their design.

Q: Why should students take Design and Technology at GCSE?

A: D&T teaches important practical skills such as problem solving and creativity. These are skills which are in high demand in the workplace and will increase into the future as robots take over less creative jobs.

Q: Why do you enjoy teaching Design and Technology?

A: I enjoy it because it’s creative and it allows students to explore and develop important life skills. It’s also fun and it’s really nice to see what students can create and achieve.

Q: If you were not teaching Design and Technology, what would you be doing?

A: A Graphic Designer or I’d be a rock star.

Q: What jobs could students consider if they are interested in a career involving Design and Technology?

A: Graphic designer, product designer, engineer, fashion designer, architect – D&T can lead to hundreds of different creative and rewarding careers!


Interview by:

Lewis (7A) and Kathryn (8B).