Year 5 Trip: National Sea Life Centre

On Friday 18th May the Year 5 children visited the National Sea Life Centre in Birmingham. In their topic this term they have been learning about animals and their habitats and this trip gave them the opportunity to look into this in more depth. With a multi-sensory approach the children were able to touch, see and smell the exhibits which brought their classroom learning to life.

We were fortunate to have a behind the scenes tour where the children got to see how some of the food is grown, how baby rays and sharks are nurtured in a nursery tank and how all new exhibits are quarantined until they are safe to release into the general display tanks.

The children enjoyed the 4D cinema experience with cartoon fish jumping out of the screen into the seats and being sprayed with water.

Behaviour on this trip was exemplary and the students were excellent ambassadors for the school. The children should all be congratulated for their engagement and interaction during this fun yet educational experience.


Mrs L. Wardley

Student Support Manager - Primary Years 5 & 6