At Ark Kings Academy, we believe that effective assessment provides information to improve teaching and learning. Every lesson, teachers assess what pupils are able to do and adapt their lessons to ensure children make progress and achieve their true potential. Every term, children are formally assessed in reading, writing and maths.

The leadership team meets with every teacher to discuss the data and the next steps for each individual child based on these assessments as well as the teacher’s own observations and judgements. We carry out moderation meetings to check our assessments with other local schools and schools within the Ark network.

Alongside assessments we carry out in school, children will also sit statutory national assessments at regular intervals during their primary education:

Children are assessed in the Early Years Foundation Stage (Reception)

Year 1 pupils sit a Phonics Screening Check

Year 2 pupils sit the end-of-Key-Stage 1 SATs

Year 4 Multiplication Check

Year 6 pupils sit the end-of-Key-Stage 2 SATs


Please contact your child’s class teacher for more information on how your child is assessed in school as well as what to expect from the statutory national assessments.