Computing at Ark Kings

Computing Curriculum Overview


Computing Curriculum Overview: Outline of taught and assessed content

The table below outlines the whole curriculum overview for this subject area, and shows the journey that students take throughout Ark Kings.

Autumn 1

Autumn 2

Spring 1

Spring 2

Summer 1

Summer 2


Mini Mash


Mini Mash

Role Play

Mini Mash



Mini Mash

Numbers and counting

Mini Mash

Reading and writing

Mini Mash


Year 1

Coding – grouping and sorting - Sorting shapes on the computer by shape and colour

Coding – Lego Builders

Follow the instructions and debug a recipe.

Databases – Pictograms

Present the results of a probability experiment using dice on a pictogram

Art and design – animated story

Retell a story using story boards

Coding – Maze explorers

Create a maze challenge using 2go

Coding – moving characters

Create a scene where characters move

Spreadsheets- counting and adding 

Create a counting machine

Technology outside school – identify

Identify different technology at home

Year 2

Coding – program design

Produce a programme where turtles move when clicked

Databases – creating a questionnaire

Create a flow diagram using information on a database to answer questions

Art – Creating pictures Piet Mondrian

William Morris

Create a piece of Art using a collage of characters

Music Making

Create a piece of music putting sounds into a sequence

Network – Effective Searching

Create a leaflet with information of how to effective use a search engine

Spreadsheets – data handling totals graphs

Collate data and make a block graph

Year 3

Coding – if commands and variables

Create a program that includes a ‘bug’ and explain how to ‘debug’

Databases – branching databases – flow charts

Create a branching database of a topic of their choice


Read and respond to stimulated emails

Touch typing

To practise typing with the right and left hand

Simulations – what are they

Create a multipage simulation

Spreadsheets – coordinates

Create a treasure map with icons on for peers to locate using co-ordinates

Year 4

Coding – decomposition and abstraction

Decompose a small section of a board game and recreate using code in its simplest form (abstraction)

Effective searching online

Analyse information card and critic there reliability using online sources

Animation – make a short film or flip book

Create a stop motion animation using iPads


Logo - mathematical patterns

Create shapes using Code

Writing for different audiences

Create a persuasive poster and email

Hardware investigation – parts of a computer

Create leaflet to show function of computer parts

Spreadsheets – formulas

Use a spreadsheet to show place value a number

Year 5

Coding – program a game

Create a game using a timer to score points

Databases – Alien database

Create a database with 8 records

3D Modelling – 2d nets

Design and make a 3D model vehicle

Concept Mapping  -mind mapping

Create a collaborative concept map of a subject of your choice

Game Creator

Create and evaluate a quest game

Spreadsheets – plan an event

Create a spreadsheet that shows the profitability of a cake sale

Year 6

Coding- text based adventure

Create a text adventure using code


Represent the state of an object using 1 and 0


Create an ‘Are you smarter than a 10-year-old quiz’


To create and peer assess a blog


Non-chronological report about Tim Berners-Lee

Spreadsheets - Money

Create a spreadsheet for a charity event ran in school