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At Ark Kings our vision for pupils is that:

Every individual will develop the character to thrive in life, education and employment.

We know that for pupils to be successful in life, education and employment, the work they do outside of school is crucial. It is for this reason that we issue all pupils a Chromebook for use at home which they can use for further study. This also allows pupils to be taught live lessons in the case of isolation.


What do you need to know?

  • You do not have to pay for your child’s Chromebook, and they can keep it for as long as they attend this school.
  • Your child’s Chromebook will need to be kept at home for most of the time, and we will notify you and your child when we want them to bring the device into school for any reason.
  • We have restricted the hours that your child can use the Chromebook to support you in managing your child’s time online. Pupils will not be able to use devices after 10pm
  • We have also made sure that your child cannot access social media or games on their Chromebook so that you can be more confident about their safety online.
  • If you have any problems with the Chromebook, you/your child should contact their student support manager and we will arrange necessary action
  • If your child’s Chromebook becomes damaged or lost you should contact the school immediately. If the Chromebook becomes damaged, you could be liable to pay
  • Before you can take a Chromebook home, you and your child will need to complete the home-school agreement which sets out the detailed terms of its use.


What do I need to fill out?

Parents and pupils will need to sign the following two forms.

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