Geography at Ark Kings

Geography Curriculum Overview


Geography Curriculum Overview: Outline of taught and assessed content


The table below outlines the whole curriculum overview for this subject area and shows the journey that pupils take throughout Ark Kings.



Autumn 1

Autumn 2

Spring 1

Spring 2

Summer 1

Summer 2



What makes me special?

What can I do with my body?

Does everyone live in a house?

What will I do when I grow up?

What will I find outside?

Can you make it work?



What is it like to go to school at Ark Kings?

Is everyone the same as me?

What will happen if I do this?

Am I an animal?

What will I find?

How can I help our world?


Year 1

My Local Area

(Geography focus)

Toys in Times

(History focus)

Transport and Travel

(History focus)

The United Kingdom

(Geography focus)

Our Seaside: Now and Then

(History focus)


Year 2

Kings and Queens

(History focus)

The Great Fire

(History focus)

Planet Earth

(Geography focus)

They Made a Difference

(History focus)

Life in Kenya

(Geography focus)


Year 3

UK: Settlements and Land Use

(Geography focus)

Stone, Bronze and Iron Ages

(History focus)

Europe: incl. case study – Italy

(Geography focus)

Climate Zones and Biomes

(Geography focus)

Ancient Greeks

(History focus)


Year 4

Roman Invasions
 (History focus)

Roman Britain

(History focus)

Amazon: Rivers and Rainforests

(Geography focus)

Maya Civilization

(History focus)


(Geography focus)


Year 5

Anglo-Saxons and Scots
 (History focus)


(History focus)

Asia: Mountains, Volcanoes and Earthquakes

(Geography focus)

Baghdad and the Middle East

(History focus)

Victorians and the Industrial Revolution

(History focus)


Year 6

Ancient Egyptians

(History focus)

Global Challenges

(Geography focus)

Conflict and Resolution

(History focus)

Mapping the World

(Geography focus)

Making our Mark

(History focus)


Year 7

What are the key physical and human processes on our planet?

Geography and Me?

Our planet

Resources and trade

Brilliant Biomes

Fantastic Landscapes of the UK

UK Coasts


Year 8

Does humanity live sustainably with the environment?

River rivals

Food and famine

Endless Energy? 

Climate Change

Polar Environments 

The Middle East – A Regional Study


Year 9

How globally connected is the world?

Global Oceans (tectonics and global processes) 

Ocean Biomes and Governance

The Global Economy

 Development Disparity

Glacial Landforms and Processes

Independent Project – My UK Region


Year 10


Tectonic Hazards, Weather Hazards, Climate Change

Urban issues and challenges (Case study cities: Rio and Birmingham)

Human geography fieldwork: Urban Issues

Living world: Ecosystems, rainforests and deserts

UK: Landscapes (Rivers, Coasts)

Physical geography fieldwork: rivers


Year 11


Resource Management

The Living World: Deserts, Rainforests, Ecosystems


The Changing Economic World

(Case study countries: Nigeria. Jamaica/UK)

In-depth study of a location selected by the exam board (pre-release material)

Revision and Exams


Year 11

Resource Management

Changing Economic World

Revision and KS4 review

Pre-release issue evaluation (28/03)

Revision and exams