History at Ark Kings

History Curriculum Overview


History Curriculum Overview: Outline of taught and assessed content  


The table below outlines the whole curriculum overview for this subject area and shows the journey that pupils take throughout Ark Kings.  

Autumn 1

Autumn 2

Spring 1

Spring 2

Summer 1

Summer 2


What makes me special?

What can I do with my body?

Does everyone live in a house?

What will I do when I grow up?

What will I find outside?

Can you make it work?


What is it like to go to school at Ark Kings?

Is everyone the same as me?

What will happen if I do this?

Am I an animal?

What will I find?

How can I help our world?

Year 1

My Local Area

(Geography focus)

Toys in Times

(History focus)

Transport and Travel

(History focus)

The United Kingdom

(Geography focus)

Our Seaside: Now and Then

(History focus)

Year 2

Kings and Queens

(History focus)

The Great Fire

(History focus)

Planet Earth

(Geography focus)

They Made a Difference

(History focus)

Life in Kenya

(Geography focus)

Year 3

UK: Settlements and Land Use

(Geography focus)

Stone, Bronze and Iron Ages

(History focus)

Europe: incl. case study – Italy

(Geography focus)

Climate Zones and Biomes

(Geography focus)

Ancient Greeks

(History focus)

Year 4

Roman Invasions
(History focus)

Roman Britain

(History focus)

Amazon: Rivers and Rainforests

(Geography focus)

Maya Civilization

(History focus)


(Geography focus)

Year 5

Anglo-Saxons and Scots
(History focus)


(History focus)

Asia: Mountains, Volcanoes and Earthquakes

(Geography focus)

Baghdad and the Middle East

(History focus)

Victorians and the Industrial Revolution

(History focus)

Year 6

Ancient Egyptians

(History focus)

Global Challenges

(Geography focus)

Conflict and Resolution

(History focus)

Mapping the World

(Geography focus)

Making our Mark

(History focus)

Year 7

World Views C1000

Contested Power, Contested Land C11th-12th

Empires: Expansion and Collapse C13th

Stability and Instability C14th and C15th

Religious Revolution and Resistance C16th

Silver and Gold: European Expansion and the New World

Year 8

Witchcraft and the place of women in society

Interpretations of the British Empire

The life of the working classes in 19th century Birmingham

Year 9

The causes of World War One

Opposition in the Third Reich

Impact of the United Nations

Year 10

Medicine through Time

Medicine on the Western Front and Cold War

Cold War

Year 11

Conflict at home and abroad, USA 1954-75

The Early Reign of Elizabeth I

Revision and Exams

Enriching the History Curriculum

Pupils in the primary phase attend history workshops at the end of their unit of study, which supplement the work they do in lessons. They have the opportunity to ask questions to real-life historians to further their historical enquiries, as well as immerse themselves in role-play experiences and handle artefacts.



Year 5 Victorian Workshop