Modern Foreign Languages at Ark Kings

Modern Foreign Languages Curriculum Overview

French Curriculum Overview: Outline of taught and assessed content

The table below outlines the whole curriculum overview for this subject area and shows the journey that pupils take throughout Ark Kings.

Autumn 1

Autumn 2

Spring 1

Spring 2

Summer 1

Summer 2

Year 3

C’est moi !

Saying my name, describing myself, saying my age, saying the month my birthday is in, finding out about the use of capital letters on the months

Où habites-tu?

Saying which country you live in (Francophone world), saying your nationality, saying what languages you speak, using negative verbs with ne…pas, recap of age, recap of saying your name, finding out about the use of capital letters on nationalities

A l’ecole

School subjects, time

Comparisons between French and British schooling

Year 4

Qu’est-ce que c’est ?

Identifying objects, understanding grammatical gender, describing masculine and feminine nouns with some adjectives, adjectival position (after the noun), saying what animal it is or isn’t using c’est and ce n’est pas, creating strange animals, using the conjunction et

Je m’habille

Saying the names of clothes, understanding the difference between singular and plural, describing masculine, feminine and plural nouns, adjectival position (adjectives allowed before the noun), joining two phrases using et or mais, saying what you do and don’t have

Les Fetes

Festivals, recap numbers 11-20, Numbers 31-60

Study of French-speaking countries’ festivals

Year 5

Je décris un monstre

Describing masculine, feminine and plural parts of the head and face using colours and size/shape adjectives, using intensifiers très and assez, using the 3rd person forms il/elle a, il/elle est to describe a monster

À table !

Talking about food, giving your opinions of drinks, giving the opinions of other people about foods, saying you or someone else is hungry, hot or cold, saying what you would like to have, joining your sentences with conjunctions

En vacances

Going on holiday, Activities on holidays, Opinions on holidays

Study of French-speaking countries and associated landmarks

Year 6

Je fais du sport

Saying the sports you do and play, saying the sports you don’t do or play, giving your opinions of sports, saying what sports you do and play in different kinds of weather, saying what clothes you wear to do different sports, joining phrases with conjunctions

En ville

Saying what places there are and aren’t in your town, describing the places in your town, saying where you go in your town, saying how you get to different places in your town, giving opinions of the places in town and using adjectives to explain the opinions

Les Transports

Transport, Where are you going? How are you getting there? Buying tickets

Study of Concorde – French/British relationship

Study of EU

Year 7

Myself and my family

School and Leisure

Leisure and Town 

Year 8


Past Holidays (Paris)


My house and my town


Year 9

My life and my family



Year 10

Town and Holidays


Exam Skills

Year 11

Work and Environment

Reading and Listening Skills

Writing and Speaking Skills

Review of all course