We believe that regular, punctual school attendance is vital for high achievement in order that students can be the best that they can be. Regular attendance of students is closely related to their levels of achievement and this makes the issue of regular attendance very important.



Good attendance and punctuality depend on a partnership between students, parents and carers, the academy and outside bodies. For its part, the school expects the following from students and parents and itself follows this practice:

Students are expected to:

  • Attend school regularly.
  • Arrive in school in good time, for lineup at 8.25 am each morning.
  • Attend all lessons promptly.

Parents are expected to:

  • Make sure that their children attend school regularly.
  • Make sure that their children arrive at school in good time, for lineup at 8.25 am each morning.
  • Contact the academy by telephone (0121 459 4451(Secondary)) (0121 458 4580(Primary)) on the first day of absence if their child is unable to attend for any reason, followed by a written note on return.
  • Ensure that their children are in proper school uniform.
  • Ensure that their children are properly equipped for school.
  • Arrange medical appointments outside school time where possible.
  • Ensure that no holidays are booked during term time.
  • Contact their child’s tutor to discuss any concerns that they may have and which could affect their child’s attendance.
  • Ensure that the school has up to date contact details.

Ark Kings Academy is expected to:

  • Register students efficiently and accurately during lesson 1 and again during lesson 5 according to current regulations.
  • Staff are expected to use the ePortal section of the Academy's Information Management System to record at each lesson and at registration, the attendance, lateness and authorised absence data.
  • Student Support Managers will telephone parents if a child is absent
  • Invite parents in to discuss the situation if absences persist and refer poor attendance on to relevant authorities.
  • All staff should emphasize at all times the importance of good attendance.
  • In cases of concern a tutor or member of staff must be mindful of the safeguarding policy and implications around non-attendance; thereby notifying the safeguarding coordinator.
  • Promote attendance by taking account of each student’s individual needs.
  • Co-operate fully with other agencies to encourage punctual attendance at school.
  • Provide regular reports on each student’s attendance to parents.
  • Set demanding yet realistic targets for whole school attendance.
  • Reward students with positive attendance.




If you consider you have exceptional circumstances to request a leave of absence during term time, please complete the form below and return to the school at least 14 days before the date you wish to remove your child from school.

Leave of absence during term-time.pdf 


If you wish to access a hard copy of any policy please contact the school's office on 0121 459 4451 (Secondary) or 0121 458 5380 (Primary), alternatively email us at: info@arkkingsacademy.org