What is our curriculum approach?

In all phases, and in all subject disciplines, the same principles underpin the curriculum design. The following are key features of the curriculum at Ark Kings:    


We see our curriculum as a balance between knowledge and skills. We make the curriculum relevant and meaningful to children and allow children to put knowledge into context. We do this by securing foundational knowledge in our students before application.  

Broad and balanced 

Our students are entitled to a broad, balanced and rich curriculum. Our curriculum content is ambitious and challenging. We support all of our students to rise to the challenge of the curriculum, which sets them up for the next phase of their education or employment. 

Responsive to our community 

Our curriculum has been designed to meet the needs of the community of students we serve. 

- We address the vocabulary gap and prioritise exposing our students to a wealth of vocabulary in different contexts.

- We promote the identification of our students as global citizens – aspirational, respectful, values driven. 

- We provide our students with the cultural capital they need go on to be successful in the next phase of their education and beyond.

Click here for the All-through Curriculum Purpose and Rationale: All through Curriculum Purpose and Rationale.pdf



At Ark Kings Academy, English lessons are taught through ‘Talk for Writing’. This is an approach to teaching in which children are exposed to quality examples of writing, rehearse and perform the texts aloud and unpick what makes it a good piece of writing before being guided on how to write their own text. Pupils have lots of opportunities for ‘short burst writing’ as well as the chance to write independently at length. Pupils’ writing is often influenced by the books and texts they encounter in reading lessons.


All children are initially taught to read via the Read Write Inc Phonics programme. The programme is a complete literacy resource for beginner and emergent readers. It is proven to develop fluent and enthusiastic readers who quickly develop an in-depth comprehension of texts. Through the programme children learn to read and write letter-sound correspondences, decode effortlessly and spell and handwrite systematically.  The programme also helps our children write confidently using oral rehearsal. Read Write Inc lessons are exciting and fast paced.

Reading for Pleasure

We are a reading school where all children and adults read for pleasure and can share in the joy of books. All children will take books home to read for pleasure. These books are to be read aloud to family members and quietly to themselves. We encourage all family members to talk to their children about what they are reading. In school, we teach discrete reading lessons as well as use books as a stimulus in all other aspects of the curriculum. At the end of every day, ‘Everyone Reads In Class’ which means children read or listen to a class story with their teacher.

Spelling and Handwriting

Spelling and handwriting are taught throughout all aspects of the curriculum, as well as in isolation. This enables pupils to practise the words and handwriting techniques expected of children of their age, as well as apply what they have learnt in all their work. Spelling rules and example words can be found here:


In the Early Years and Foundation Stage, an emphasis on real life experiences means that children have opportunities to develop their understanding of maths in the world around them. There is a strong emphasis on role-play and the use of concrete materials to support their understanding.

Year 1 & 2 are use the principles of Mathematics Mastery in their everyday practice. Mathematics Mastery focuses on identifying characteristics of effective practice in building pupils’ secure knowledge, skills and understanding of number so that they demonstrate fluency in calculating, solving problems and reasoning about number.

Years 3, 4, 5 & 6 build on the principles of Mathematics Mastery. An emphasis on following the CPA (concrete, pictorial, abstract) approach is adopted so that children gain a deeper understanding of the maths that they have covered.


Further Information

For more information about the primary curriculum at Ark Kings Academy, please contact Mr Taylor, Deputy Headteacher: Academic.

Please call 0121 458 5380 to arrange an appointment.