At Ark Kings Academy, we know how important it is for home and school to work together to give every child the best chance of fulfilling their potential. We encourage parents and staff to work together in lots of different ways. These range from regular communication between you and your child's class teacher to inviting you to take part in fun, informative learning sessions at school with your child. One of the ways you as a parent can support your child is by helping them to practise at home the things they are learning at school. This year, we are working on three key priorities with our children at Ark Kings and we would really value your support with these at home!

  1. Developing an attitude of reading for pleasure
  2. Building rich vocabulary and accurate spelling
  3. Developing well-informed global citizens

These priorities have informed our homework expectations for this academic year. We also encourage children to continue to practise their times tables as well as get creative with the half termly topic projects!


Year Group


Nursery and Reception Daily reading
Half-termly topic projects
Year 1 and 2 Daily reading
Weekly spellings
Weekly times tables practice (Year 2)
Half-termly topic projects
Year 3 and 4 Daily reading
Weekly spellings
Weekly times tables practice
Half-termly topic projects
Year 5 and 6 Daily reading
Weekly spellings
Weekly times tables practice
Weekly current affairs quiz
Half-termly topic projects


Daily Reading (all pupils)

Please read for just 15 minutes per day with your child. This can be them reading to you or you reading to them. Your child will be provided with a school reading book, but we encourage our children to read whatever book or text they are most interested in!


Weekly Spellings (Years 1-6)

Your child will be receiving ten spellings to practise at home each week. Spellings will be given to pupils on a Monday (or the Friday prior) where they will be taught the spelling pattern or focus for the week. They will have the week to practise them before being tested on the Friday. Pupils will have some opportunities in school to practise their spellings, however, it is essential that children practise at home, even for just 5-10 minutes a day.

Spelling is an important skill as children who feel confident with letters and word patterns are able to read and comprehend more complex texts. They also have the necessary language tools to better convey their own ideas through both written and verbal communication. All of these skills are the foundations to allowing your child to access the wider, enriching curriculum that we offer here at Ark Kings.

In case your child misplaces their weekly spelling list, here are the spellings for the year:  AKAP Spelling Lists.pdf


Weekly Times Tables Practice (Years 2-6)

Please help your child to commit their times tables to memory. This can be by regularly asking them for times tables facts (e.g. “What’s 4 x 6?”) as well as associated division facts (e.g. “How many 6s are in 24?”)

Over the coming weeks, we will also be launching Times Tables Rockstars. This is an online platform that allows children to practise their times tables as speedily as they can in a fun and safe environment! They will be able to engage in times tables battles and monitor their progress over time.



Half-termly Projects (all pupils)

At the start of each half term, you will receive a curriculum newsletter about what your child is learning in their History and Geography topics. With this newsletter, your child’s class teacher will provide some ideas for written and creative projects that can be done at home. These are optional projects to further broaden your child’s learning in these subjects. Children can complete and return these projects at any time during the half term and will be celebrated in assembly!

Here are some examples of the wonderful things our pupils have produced at home:




Further ways you can support your child at home...


Understanding Read Write Inc. phonics

Ark Kings Academy uses an approach known as Read Write Inc. Phonics to teach reading and writing. We encourage parents to use the online video tutorial below to better understand what Read Write Inc. is and how you can help support your child's reading and writing at home.

Understanding Read Write Inc Phonics Video Tutorial


Pronouncing Pure Sounds

You can practise phonics sounds with your child by using the 'pure sounds' phonics pronunciation online video tutorial below.

Pronouncing Pure Sounds Video Tutorial


Free Resources to Encourage Your Child's Love of Reading and Maths

Reading with your child is a great way to spend quality time together and can make a real difference to your child's learning. Stuck for something to read? You can find 250 completely FREE eBooks over on the Oxford Owl website. The eBooks can be read on any mobile device, including tablets.As well as eBooks, the website also offers advice, top tips and ideas so you can encourage your child's reading and maths at home in the best possible way.

Oxford Owl website