Kings Kitchen, Royal Dining

Through regular meetings with the pupils at Ark Kings, we will endeavor to provide a fresh food offer which is Fresh, healthy and affordable as well as exciting for the students and staff.

Modern, high street concepts will feature alongside familiar classics, giving pupils the opportunity to develop their tastes and learn about different cultures and food styles.

Kings Kitchen believes that eating in school should be a pleasurable experience; time spent sharing good food with friends and teachers. We are passionate about the importance of eating healthily from a young age providing a different seasonal menu for both Primary and Secondary children means every student will be served a healthy and nutritious meal, all freshly prepared using the finest locally sourced ingredients.

We know that if our children eat well they are better able to learn. Our pupils enjoy a healthy, freshly-cooked lunch each day. Sweets, crisps and fizzy drinks are not permitted in the academy.

Your child can benefit from choosing a school meal each day. Whether you’re new to school meals or starting a new school year – don’t hesitate to ask for more information by contacting us at


Weekly Menus for Primary Phase


Spring Menus

Ark Kings menu primary 2021 wk1.pdf

Ark Kings menu primary 2021 wk2.pdf

Ark Kings menu primary 2021 wk3.pdf


Weekly Menus for Secondary Phase

Covid Menus

PDF iconArk Kings Covid Menu 1.pdf

PDF iconArk Kings Covid Menu 2.pdf


Non-Covid Menus

PDF iconArk Kings Secondary Autumn Street and Snack Menu.pdf

PDF iconArk Kings Secondary Autumn Wk 1.pdf

PDF iconArk Kings Secondary Autumn Wk 2.pdf

PDF iconArk Kings Secondary Autumn Wk 3.pdf


Promotional Days

We will be working with the students to hear their thoughts and ideas, will run taster sessions and will be introducing theme days and special events.



Cashless Catering

Our canteen operates a cashless payment system. Each student has their own account, which they top up with cash which can be used in the canteen. This means students can be served more quickly and do not have to carry cash on a daily basis.


Healthy Eating

For more information on healthy eating for children and help to make the small changes that add up to a happier, healthier future for you and your family, please click on the links below:

Change 4 Life