Student Leadership is an important facet of the culture and ethos of Ark Kings Academy. There are opportunities for leadership throughout the academy, in the curriculum and beyond. Students routinely are asked to step up and lead their classmates in co-constructing responses to questions or solve mathematical problems in addition students work together in PE (both in curriculum lessons and on the sports field) and in music as well as during VIRTUE lessons (where students learn about British values, personal and social issues and engage in activities designed to help character development).

We feel that developing student leadership is important and we should invest in student leadership by ensuring that student leaders are chosen by their peers and by their teaching staff, that merit, passion and potential are the main criteria for selecting student leaders and, most importantly, student leaders have a real role and important voice in developing the academy and shaping the direction of the school overall.


Student Leadership Hustings

Each year students in Year 11 who wish to be considered for the Head Boy and Head Girl positions, with responsibilities they carry, nominate themselves by writing a letter of application to the Principal. What follows is a husting where each candidate speaks to the assembled body of students and staff and then answers unseen questions. Finally, there is an interview with Mr Punton and Mr McCay before the votes from students and staff are tallied. This rigorous process ensures that the students who nominate themselves for leadership are very clear on the commitment and the challenge that lies ahead and recognises the voice every single student in selecting those that will chair the Student Leadership Team.

The quality, insight and conviction of students who speak during the hustings is usually excellent and candidates this year didn't disappoint. Each spoke with confidence, with clear passion and a real sense of pride about being part of the Ark Kings family. The video below will introduce the candidates, tell you a little about their convictions and tells a little more about why we invest in student leadership at Ark Kings.


Keep Up-To-Date with the Student Leadership Team

The student leadership team has set up a blog to keep students, staff and the wider community informed of the work they are doing. Please follow the blog for regular updates from the team on the work they are doing to further strengthen the school community and give students more of a say in the decisions that matter to them.